K’Kruhk ~ Whiphid Jedi Master

I wanted to make K’Kruhk wearing his Jedi robes based on the above picture and so he would blend in nicely with the rest of my Jedi, however the model of him that I liked was without them, and the other model just looked crappy. He is also much larger than the other characters so using some generic Jedi miniature for the robes wasn’t going to work…I was beginning to believe this project was doomed until I found a perfect piece to use as his body. Hasbo’s Clash of the Lightsabers Card Game comes with two metal pieces in the 2 inch range which works perfect for transplanting K’Kruhk’s head and hands onto Qui-Gon Jinn…sadly I cannot find a model that is 2 inches and has the robes I’m looking for, but I can make due with this all the same. As for the game, I still have a WotC Qui-Gon and Knight Models Darth Maul (still coming from Spain…last package was lost in the mail over Christmas) if I want to play it.

Here you can see how the Qui-Gon and K’Kruhk pieces scale up to one another…damn near spot on perfect! Darth Maul will probably end up as trade bait, or head off back to eBay.

Now when working with white metal, pewter or what-have-you, be very careful when removing parts. I find that a jeweler’s saw is the best way to remove whatever you need to cut off…just remember to let the saw do the work and don’t push the blade through the metal or you run the risk of snapping the blade. Also, make sure you wear eye protection. When cutting the plastic model a simple razor knife/X-Acto knife will do the trick…just go slow and watch your finger tips. Here below you can see the conversion pre-paint and how I placed the pieces together.

I went with the below image for the paint scheme…really just a series of greys mixed with some light browns here and there.

The finished model came out fairly well…my hands seemed to cooperate throughout most of the process this time which was nice. Hehe. Overall, I am very pleased with the miniature as this project nearly didn’t happen, but my patience paid off and it really feels great to see the imagined model come to fruition.



2 Responses to “K’Kruhk ~ Whiphid Jedi Master”

  1. Schizer!! Bots you are really amazing.

  2. Hehe, thanks mate! 🙂

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