Project: Grievous ~ Part V (Completion)

And now I return to this miniature after bouncing around all over the joint in a hobby A.D.D. haze. One trait I inherited from my father was his ability to stall out on projects (home or hobby, it made no difference) and I am beginning to understand why he did and I do this…we are afraid of failure. Completion means that I have to except that the job I’ve done is either really good for my standards or complete crap. I am really hard on my work and have redone many a model just because I know that it isn’t right (to me), and not finishing one makes my life easier because it is always in that state that has the eternal upside of being top quality. The stuff you learn from your parents isn’t always the best that they can give you. LOL

Anyway on to the paint job.

I painted his armor plates in Astronomican Grey (GW), washed with mix of Badab Black and Devlan Mud (both GW washes) and then highlighted with a mixture of Bleached Bone (GW) and Astronomican Grey, then another wash of Devlan Mud (maybe a bit heavy, but I will leave it for now). All in all not too bad.


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