Quinlan Vos (Redux)

Not having things perfect bugs the crap out of me, and staring at Quinlan Vos with the wrong skin color was annoying me the more I looked into his character (I knew nothing about this guy until very recently). Wizards of the Coast decided to make the model pictured above (the same one I used in my conversion) with a darker color of almost African skintones, and I was kinda going by this picture below when I painted him and also trusting that WotC knew what he looked like.

In this drawing above he looks either Native American or African, but then recently I started looking at other pictures of him, including an action figure and he looks like a honky. Color me confused.

So I decided to shoot for the middle ground, and went for a more Native American skintone for him…figure that will be a happy balance between the contrasting pictures/models/toys of this guy and I shouldn’t feel like I didn’t do the model correctly from here on out.

Quinlan Vos (Redux)


2 Responses to “Quinlan Vos (Redux)”

  1. Great work btw! I missed your earlier post on how you made him. I ask because I play a very similiar looking char in a table top game and would love that pose.

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