Darth Sidious

Went on kind of a Darth Sidious shopping spree here the last couple of days. I picked up a Darth Sidious, Sith Master #7 Jedi Academy Star Wars Miniatures, a Sith Lord Evolutions Emperor Palpatine, and The Clone Wars CW45 Darth Sidious.

The CW45 Sidious is going to be put into one of the AFA acrylic collectors cases to protect it…apparently they are extremely rare and cost a ton! So he was purchased for a nice investment down the road. The Evolutions Palpatine I plan on displaying on my PC desk as a custom conversion piece (I picked up a spare CW45 Sidious head), and of course the WotC miniature is here with a nice new base and paint job.

Cutting this miniature from his original base was a trick, but he came off without injury (how novel). Of course his lightsaber was mangled so off it came and was replaced with a paperclip. I used to below picture of the Sidious bust for inspiration for the color palette.

I have to admit, this is a really nice piece for a plastic model…you wouldn’t (and couldn’t) tell from the pre-painted version, but once I primed it he really have alot of detail to his face. Really nice sculpt WotC (cannot say that about too many of their pieces)!

Darth Sidious


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