Star Wars Miniatures Battles

Just picked up this OOP Star Wars Miniatures Battles rulebook from West End Games published in 1993. It’s the second edition and might be worth mucking about in a skirmish game here and there seeing how I have quite the collection going with these WotC and Knight Models miniatures. I am really not a gamer, but for $12 I figure that it cannot hurt to own this once praised set of rules that won the Origins International Game Expo award for Best New Miniatures Rules of 1991…not sure what the hell that’s worth, but if these rules suck I am only out a few dollars and no harm done.


One Response to “Star Wars Miniatures Battles”

  1. Nice find. I picked up that book and the two supplements for it for 3 bucks each a few years ago. Grunt on grunt rules are ok, but the “heroes” rules can get a bit ridiculous.

    I used to play the WEG RPG back in the day so I have the supplement books with all the stats for the OT characters which always makes for a good time.

    I’m actually supposed to get together with a guy this month to play some WEG minis, provided he has collection painted to his satisfaction (I’ll be using the WotC variety).

    The best part of those books though are all the awesome photos though.

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