Knight Models Darth Vader & Darth Maul Review

Today I got the two Knight Models miniatures in the mail, took a bit longer due to the first package being lost over Christmas, but the wait was well worth it! New cooler looking packaging from the earlier 30mm releases but still gives the painted model reference photo on the back which I am glad they have done. Now on to the miniatures.

Darth Vader is simply awesome, the scale is spot on perfect for 30mm and will work great with the WotC miniatures. He comes separate from his rocky base so you can choose to mount him to it or not. Also has a separate head, arm and lightsaber so you can monkey around a bit with positioning or converting. I am very happy with this purchase! 10+

Darth Maul is also a very well sculpted and detailed piece. A bit smaller than Vader (as he should be) probably on scale with their Anakin Skywalker miniature…probably more in the 28mm scale than 30mm, but that is fine. I always assumed he was a smaller dude anyway when looking at the actor that played him in the film. This Maul model comes with both arms unattached so again you can mess around with the positioning. 9 outta a possible 10 due to the smaller scale, but still nowhere near as tiny as Chewie, which has been my only let down thus far from Knight Models.

These are two must haves for any Star Wars fan, or any of us miniatures painters regardless of what you collect (just wish they would choose a different style base to package with their models other than the boring 25mm round base)…I cannot wait to get crackin’ on these new additions!


2 Responses to “Knight Models Darth Vader & Darth Maul Review”

  1. I’ve been waiting for you to post some pics of these. Very relieved to hear Vader is in scale. Looking forward to seeing your progress with these.

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