Vader & His 501st Legion

Finished off Darth Vader and a small sample of his 501st Legion. With the outstanding Knight Models version of Vader being poised on a rock I decided to base his stormtroopers on simple sand/ballast bases.

For the 501st troops I wanted them to look as if they were transitioning from the clone trooper armor to the newer stormtrooper version. My captain (Appo?) has a clone helmet while the others just get a bit of blue on their shoulder pads for accent. I used these photos as the basis for my idea.

For the captain’s helmet I picked up a cheap clone trooper and pinched it.

Captain Appo

For the rank and file troops I used a myriad stormtroopers, sand troopers and scout troopers, gave them some blue accents and they were ready to go.

501st Legion Troopers and R4-K5

Finally Darth Vader. I used several shades of black and grey to get the look I needed for the different materials in his armor. Photograph does nothing for my paint job, but you can still get the idea of what he looks like.

Darth Vader

And here he is leading his boys on a hunt for outlaw Jedi.


2 Responses to “Vader & His 501st Legion”

  1. Looking great as usual Bots. Could you please post more comparison pics of Vader next to other Wizards/KM minis. Thanks.

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