Tiny Sith Apprentice (3.75 Inch Scale Version)

Been having some issues with my hands and also suffered my seventh (yes, seventh) concussion, so I’ve been working on larger models seemed to be the way to go for the last little while…no worries, I’m looking forward to painting up my Knight Models Darth Maul figure soon! In the meantime here is the Tiny Sith Apprentice in a larger format. LOL


2 Responses to “Tiny Sith Apprentice (3.75 Inch Scale Version)”

  1. Really sweet mini 🙂 The painting is also very nice. Stay healthy and keep the paint flowing 😉

  2. Thanks brother! Concussion symptoms are nearly all gone…get a little foggy now and again but at least the headaches have stopped. 😀

    I’ll be back to miniatures in no time as I almost have the commission R2 unit completed.

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