New 30mm Knight Models Star Wars Miniatures

Here are the newest Knight Models 30mm miniatures, Count Dooku and Princess Leia. Now it could be just the paint jobs, but I am not sold on either of these two. Dooku looks kinda like a zombie and Leia is suffering from what looks to be a shotty paint job around the eyes that is throwing that one off. Paint jobs can really make or break the looks of a figure (GW is renowned for this as of late) and it seems to have happened here. I know that KM puts out some amazing sculpts so it must be the paint jobs that are turning me off from these two.


5 Responses to “New 30mm Knight Models Star Wars Miniatures”

  1. Good to see you posting again mate, hope you are better with your health?

    Always nice to see some new releases for the 30mm range. I really like these sculpts. Agreed the paint job is not what we expect but perhaps that is the problem, we have been spoilt with outstanding paintjobs from these guys so it is more obvious with rush jobs?

    I can see Dooku fitting in with my collection nicely 🙂

    They seriously need to do a Jango or Boba fett…

    • Thanks brother, feeling pretty decent. 😀
      Yeah a nice Boba and Jango would be awesome! I’m also holding out hope for a General Grievous and a Yoda.

      • Grievous would be sweet!

        Im more of a fan of clone wars era so i guess i’m biased to what figures i would like to see.

        A good Commander Cody o Captain Rex would be a welcome sight too 🙂

  2. Cody and Rex would be nice additions! Love to see a Mace Windu in 30mm as well, and maybe an armored Kenobi.

  3. Kobayashimaru Says:

    Hi there Botwt,
    I think that the paint jobs are… pretty lackluster on these two.
    I think that the Dooku is based on a sketch found at deviantart… because that pose is the exact one I wanted for a custom dooku I commissioned some time ago.

    I am thrilled at the Dooku, and would like to see Jango or Grevious or some cheap trooper types. The cost is prohibitive though, I only own the Maul of this figure line.

    Great to see an update,
    all the best,

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