Darth Maul ~ Part I

Been too long since I’ve had a real chance to update my blog because my hands and head have been kinda screwy, but I’m back. I am only working on this model in small chunks as I want to be able to do a good job on his tiny, tiny head. It’s funny how these models are looking so small now after working on larger models, but I know I’ll muddle through somehow.

Got him primed, painted his base, and got the base colors on his clothing and other bits done today, tomorrow I’ll try working on his face and highlighting his clothes.


4 Responses to “Darth Maul ~ Part I”

  1. Looking good so far Bots. Patience makes perfect. Can’t wait to get started on my new Sith Lord!

  2. I like the sculpt, very dynamic pose. Can’t wait to see it painted!

  3. Working on him presently and hope to have an update tonight. πŸ™‚

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