Cad Bane

A repaint and rebase of the Cad Bane miniature from Wizards of the Coast. The base was purchased from Dragon Forge Design.

Cad Bane


4 Responses to “Cad Bane”

  1. Kobayashimaru Says:

    Thats a clearer photo!
    Nice detail work, I envy you for the attention to detail…
    also, can you believe that no-ones made a Jocasta Nu mini?

    I made one out of the Jedi Guardian and Agen Kolar minis,
    maybe you could take a crack at it to?

    Also, Im making a female Ithorian jedi, using a RS Ithorian and the lower half of Darth Sidious, Sith Lord (which always looked too full).
    Look forward to seeing more from you,

    • Looking forward to seeing your female Ithorian Jedi…that should really be something!!

      Hmmm…Jocasta Nu. Down the road maybe…presently working on some astromechs and clones.

  2. he is still one of my fave bad guy 🙂

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