The Lord Of Rivendell

When I heard that Games Workshop was coming out with their newest Elrond, The Master Of Rivendell I was really pumped up! However being that they got away from sculpting their LotR figures based on the films he came out pretty buggered up! So I went on to create my own version of this character. I wanted him to have the Hugo Weaving look so I pinched the head of the original Elrond figure and came up with this idea below.

Still not happy, I decided to remove his sword giving him a more lore master, spell caster look to the figure. I removed the sword hand and resculpted an open hand much like his open left hand. I also sculpted a ring onto the forefinger of his right hand.

For the paint scheme I went with the still from the film above and gave him a silvery satin look to his outer robe and a darker green for his inner robes. The ring was painted gold with a blue stone to resemble the description of Vilya, his ring of power.

Elrond, The Master Of Rivendell

I know some of you have seen this one before, but thought I would post him up so others who haven’t seen him could get a peek at him and maybe some ideas on how to improve the look of there piece.


2 Responses to “The Lord Of Rivendell”

  1. Love the head swap, great idea! I think I would have have left the sword myself, but it certainly puts a new twist on this model.

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