Micro Arts Studio’s Great Wolf #3 Review

Picked up Micro Arts Studio’s resin Great Wolf #3 from CMoN. For the price tag ($32.99) I feel you should be provided a base to mount this model onto…that is a real let down. However, I’ve always found Micro Arts Studio’s products to be very well made just terribly expensive especially for resin models, now it looks like I can add greedy to that list (must take after Games Workshop in that regard).

Aside from price and lack of a base the model itself is very well done! The miniature is approximately 9cm long by 4 cm high which will make a convincingly frightening Dire Wolf, Werewolf or what have you facing off against your 30mm figures. It comes in 8 pieces with two different head types, one open mouthed and one snarling.

I ended up gluing the parts together to see how they fit…near perfect joints that you’ll barely need to use any green stuff to fill in gaps, in fact you might not need to use any except on his tail joint like I had to.

Overall I am please with this purchase for the simple fact that the sculpt is outstanding! Price is a bit rough as it would be awful if you needed more than one of these beasties in an army due to the $33 USD price tag. I would rate this model a 7 out of 10, price and lack of a base bring the score down, but the detail is really something special! High recommendations for this piece!


2 Responses to “Micro Arts Studio’s Great Wolf #3 Review”

  1. Nice to read that the quality of the sculpt matches the overall great impresson.

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