Dwalin, Ori & Dwarf Shieldbearer

I have started work on my Moria Dwarf army. The leaders of my army are going to be Balin, his brother Dwalin (counts as a Dwarf King) and Ori (counts as a Dwarf Captain). So for this entry into the blog are my completed Dwalin, Ori and a Dwarven Shieldbearer.

I placed my Ori on the test base I used for my review of the snow flock scatter I purchased from Skullcraft…I am very happy that this stuff hasn’t lost any of it’s luster in nearly five months. I painted Dwalin and Ori with cloaks that were the same color as the ones they wore in The Hobbit (dark green and grey respectively) and gave the shieldbearer a blue cape…I am thinking that my color scheme for my dwarves will be blue with orange highlights.



Dwarf Shieldbearer


4 Responses to “Dwalin, Ori & Dwarf Shieldbearer”

  1. Looks good, I like your colour scheme!

    Where has the map been published? I want that! πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve always been a big fan of Lotr dwarves and these are no exception. I like the vivid color scheme and the snow looks great too! Keep up the great work!

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