70mm Master Yoda From Knight Models

Pretty cool looking model…too bad I only collect their 30mm range (so far).


6 Responses to “70mm Master Yoda From Knight Models”

  1. Interesting costume for the Green-one. I’ve never seen him depicted like this. Could this mean KM is able to make stuff up for LFL approval?

  2. Oh right in the Crystal Caves episode. Forgot about that. GT’s take with his series was so great.

  3. KM seems to have a fair amount of leeway with the figures. That’s just an observation and not any inside knowledge, but a lot of them are in poses that are not from the movies. For ages (especially with statues) you’d see the same poses over and over again. Vader with outstretched hand. Luke I am your father etc.

    Its nice to see variance in the poses and designs. I can’t stand combat Yoda, but I will be painting up this Yoda around Xmas

    • I agree, peaceful Yoda is a great look. They must not have any restrictions on the creativity of their poses (only the depiction of the character I assume).

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