Bounty Hunters Bossk & IG-88

Here are my latest Star Wars Miniatures of Bossk and IG-88, not my best due to my hands being a bit screwy lately, but they’ll do for now.

Bounty Hunters Bossk & IG-88


4 Responses to “Bounty Hunters Bossk & IG-88”

  1. :WOOT: nice work. Glad to see some new stuff. both look really great.

  2. I hate to get on the Wotc hate wagon, but in a way I am going to. The thing is it is difficult to make those look as good as other mini’s because those mini’s are not great to begin with. Although they were limited ed they have a very mass produced feel about them. So your always going to have a limiter based on the quality of the mini. Having said that though I think you did a very good job on them. Nothing to be unhappy about there.

    • Thanks brother!
      My feelings exactly on the the WotC models…some are decent, others are a complete waste of time trying to rehabilitate.

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