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Knight Models Jedi Master Shaak Ti

Posted in Sci-Fi on July 31, 2011 by botwt

Well, got my Knight Models Shaak Ti miniature last week and have been slowly working on her, but my hands have been really off and am having trouble holding the brush steady or even getting it on the right part of the model. I am pretty happy with her face, her horns are another story. Perhaps when my hands are feeling better (colder weather) I will revisit her horns and get the blue lines to look less like a 1st grader painted them on.

Shaak Ti


41st Birthday Present For My Friend (Part I)

Posted in Lord of the Rings / Fantasy on July 17, 2011 by botwt

Well, September is just around the corner and my best friend Mark’s birthday is on the 10th…so that gives me one month and twenty-five days to complete this miniature for him. He had this model next to his PC for what seems like forever in a perpetual state of ineptitude (just busting on ya brother…hehe). Then it took a nice tumble to the floor and broke…so not only do I have to give it a proper paint job and basing, but I also need to repair him as well. He gave the fell beast to me after I painted up his Balrog and then I promptly forgot I had it laying on a shelf with a bunch of hobby stuff…at least the birthday gift will be a surprise assuming he doesn’t pop onto the blog.

So far I have added some ballast to it’s base and now it is onto the priming, repairing and painting. Oh, and you may notice that the wraith is missing…I am hoping he still has it or I’m going to have to do some trading to acquire one for this bird. Let the fun begin!

The One Ring July Painting Challenge: Aragorn

Posted in Lord of the Rings / Fantasy on July 15, 2011 by botwt

I’ve had this figure in my collection for some time now and figured that seeing how The One Ring is running a monthly painting challenge that is centered around Aragorn this time around I would throw my hat in and complete this miniature. I’m not a fan of Games Workshop’s paint scheme on this model at all; so as usual, for my rendition I will be going with a more realistic/movie scheme to mine like the photo below.

So I went with a series of dark colors in the browns, greens, blacks and greys…and to finish him off I added a nice layer of filth to his boots and clothes.

Aragorn as Strider

New Star Wars 30mm Knight Models

Posted in Reviews / Uncategorized / Misc., Sci-Fi on July 2, 2011 by botwt

Knight Models has finally put up two more 30mm miniatures from their Star Wars range…Jedi Masters Shaak Ti and Ki-Adi-Mundi. I have to say, I think both of these figures look great! I’ve never been a fan of the Mundi character (looks too much like Dan Aykroyd’s Beldar Conehead for me), but I am really digging the sculpt! I will definitely be getting Shaak Ti, she looks amazing! Keep ’em comin’ KM, keep ’em comin’!!