The One Ring July Painting Challenge: Aragorn

I’ve had this figure in my collection for some time now and figured that seeing how The One Ring is running a monthly painting challenge that is centered around Aragorn this time around I would throw my hat in and complete this miniature. I’m not a fan of Games Workshop’s paint scheme on this model at all; so as usual, for my rendition I will be going with a more realistic/movie scheme to mine like the photo below.

So I went with a series of dark colors in the browns, greens, blacks and greys…and to finish him off I added a nice layer of filth to his boots and clothes.

Aragorn as Strider


5 Responses to “The One Ring July Painting Challenge: Aragorn”

  1. Darker colors suit this mini very well, I really like the final effect. Good luck in the competition!

  2. The dried mud effect on his boots and clothing is very convincing. Good luck from me too!

  3. Thanks Pasi, glad you like the mud effect!
    I really didn’t enter to win, it was more of an excuse so I would just pick up my paintbrush and a LotR model and actually make a dent in that mountain of unpainted madness. 😀

  4. to be honest i wouldn’t of painted the cape exactly black, but a very dark green would suit it. love the mud

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