41st Birthday Present For My Friend (Part I)

Well, September is just around the corner and my best friend Mark’s birthday is on the 10th…so that gives me one month and twenty-five days to complete this miniature for him. He had this model next to his PC for what seems like forever in a perpetual state of ineptitude (just busting on ya brother…hehe). Then it took a nice tumble to the floor and broke…so not only do I have to give it a proper paint job and basing, but I also need to repair him as well. He gave the fell beast to me after I painted up his Balrog and then I promptly forgot I had it laying on a shelf with a bunch of hobby stuff…at least the birthday gift will be a surprise assuming he doesn’t pop onto the blog.

So far I have added some ballast to it’s base and now it is onto the priming, repairing and painting. Oh, and you may notice that the wraith is missing…I am hoping he still has it or I’m going to have to do some trading to acquire one for this bird. Let the fun begin!


4 Responses to “41st Birthday Present For My Friend (Part I)”

  1. nicely done with the shaak ti and Lotr coloring may i ask what paint u used or what type of materials? i need help coloring mines.You should make a video Lol of you painting it it would be realy awsome.

    • Hi Ricky and thanks for the comment! 🙂
      I use pretty much a straight diet of the Games Workshop paints and washes on my models; however I do use a really cheap acrylic flat black paint that can be found in any craft store to offer up more of a realistic shading. It offers less shine and makes blacks on models look more like real cloth than paint.

  2. I picked her up at FRP Games online…little more expensive than buying it from the actual manufacturer, but I only was interested in getting her at the time. Normally I’ll order right from KM if I am getting more than one model.


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