Knight Models Jedi Master Shaak Ti

Well, got my Knight Models Shaak Ti miniature last week and have been slowly working on her, but my hands have been really off and am having trouble holding the brush steady or even getting it on the right part of the model. I am pretty happy with her face, her horns are another story. Perhaps when my hands are feeling better (colder weather) I will revisit her horns and get the blue lines to look less like a 1st grader painted them on.

Shaak Ti


4 Responses to “Knight Models Jedi Master Shaak Ti”

  1. Wow, nice highlightson the robes and sweet painting of the skin and face.

  2. Kobayashimaru Says:

    Outstanding! Im hoping you construct some new jedi generals or separatist griblies soonish: the kit bashing you do from time to time ends up looking great! =)

    Also, you could stop by my devart page and have a trundle through there, im making vehicles sporadically now mostly. =)

    Once again, great paint detail work (the horns look picture perfect)

    • Thanks brother! 🙂

      I am liking how the different pieces you have are coming together. One tip that might help when using the green stuff to fill in the gaps is to use a rubber tipped tool (with a heavy dose of spit on it) to smooth the putty into the plastic bits. So when you paint it you won’t see where the plastic bits were joined together. Keep up the great work!

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