The One Ring August Painting Challenge: Lurtz

As I don’t have a Lurtz model to paint (which is surprising) there are other options available to this months competition.

1 – Lurtz (any version)
2 – Ugluk or Vrasku or Mauhúr
3 – Uruk-hai Command (banner or captain or shaman)

Luckily enough I do have a Vrasku that is in need of some love, so off I went on him.

Now, I don’t have an Isengard army, but I do have a Mordor army that I am working on (slowly, very slowly) so I went with the Mordor Uruk-hai look to my character and painted him a blackish-blue skin tone…this way he can count as a Mordor Uruk-hai captain for that army. Everything was done in a very dark, realistic color palette on this model, much like all my LotR models (except my colorful hobbits), so again lots of browns, blacks and greys.

Vrasku (Mordor Uruk-hai Captain)


4 Responses to “The One Ring August Painting Challenge: Lurtz”

  1. I really like the dark look, the skin in particular!

  2. looking good!
    good luck with the challenge!

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