The Drúedain (Woses)

I’ve had a bunch of these Wildmen of Drúadan models in my backlog for what seems like forever, and after seeing a news article about an uncontacted Amazonian tribe I think I finally found an inspiration for a color palette. Tolkien doesn’t really describe them with as much detail as he does other beings in his story but from what he does say about them gives one a good picture of their stature (which Games Workshop did a decent job of recreating).

The appearance of the Drúedain is entirely different from the appearance of the other races of the Middle-earth legendarium. They are a bit like Dwarves in stature and endurance, stumpy, clumsy-limbed (with short, thick legs, and fat, “gnarled” arms), had broad chests, fat bellies, and heavy buttocks. According to the Elves and other Men, they had “unlovely faces”: wide, flat, and expressionless with deep-set black eyes that glowed red when angered. They had “horny” brows, flat noses, wide mouths, and sparse, lank hair. They had no hair lower than the eyebrows, except for a few men who had a tail of black hair on the chin.

So with the above description of the Drúedain (or Woses) I’ve decided that they are all getting black hair and eyes (barring a few that will get glowing red eyes), but as for the skin pigmentation I think I will go with a black skin tone and also add others with head-to-toe body paint like the aerial photos of the Amazonian tribe. I may also paint a few to look as if they are stone Púkel-men, as some of the statues were supposed to, according to legend, come to life…so maybe two of my Drúedain will get this treatment.

So as I slowly work on Mark’s fell beast I’ll tackle some Woses in between layers of paint drying or as my hobby ADD kicks in and pushes me toward another model.

More to come soon!  😀


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