41st Birthday Present For My Friend (Part III)

Well, I got the model painted in a base coat of a black and purple mix for it’s main areas, then painted the skin on the wings black and then added brown to them. I’ll gradually add lighter and lighter shades of brown until I get a nice effect going on the wings. The body of the fell beast I am toying with adding some purple highlights to give the animal some ‘pop’ and not look like the typical black creatures everyone else paints. The purple will be subtle (assuming I can pull it off) but still give the model a dark foreboding look and not have it looking too comical like traditional fantasy dragons. As you can see I added a bit of green stuff to the claw on the front of the wing to give it a look as if it were broken off in a battle or fight…obviously it still needs painting, but looks better than the flat edge that was left after the model was broken in the fall.


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