Wild West Horse

Been a while since I worked on an Old West model and after talking about painting horses with a buddy of mine I decided to paint up one of my stand alone horses. It came from the  Black Scorpion Tombstone range of miniatures, however it looks like the 4 pack of unmounted horses are no longer available…which is a real bummer. What I did notice is that they are offering two different packs of civilians, which I desperately need running £8 per pack.

Civilians 1

Civilians 2

Well, I know where the next chunk of disposable income is going. Hehe

Anyway, onto my horse…I decided to give him a different treatment compared the typical browns or blacks or tans, so I went with the grey spotted look of a grey dapple Arabian. Initially I was going to go ape shit on the white spots, but held off and only gave him a few…looks a little less cluttered for a tiny model in my opinion. Also gave him one black sock for giggles.

Grey Dapple Arabian


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