Mino-Varghulf ~ The Terror Of Arnor?!?

I have been wanting to put a Gûlavhar, the Terror of Arnor in my Angmar ranks forever, but have always hated the official model. So after searching for something reasonably priced, cool looking and will fit the bill, I decided on the Varghulf model, but after getting it I didn’t really like the head so much. Creepy, but kinda inbred looking. So I went back to looking for something suitable. Then while falling asleep one night I had an epiphany…use one of my leftover plastic Minotaur heads, but modify it to look less bull like. So I trimmed out the middle part of the snout and glued the two parts of the head together bringing the mouth and nostrils closer to the eyes much like a bat and similar to the Varghulf model. Next I puttied over all the torn skin details on the model to add a complete fur coat to the beast and after the head was attached I added fur to the face as well much like the original model. Here is the finished conversion.

If the Monster category for the One Ring September Painting Challenge wins I’ll give this model go, if not I’ll pick at him here and there until I get him finished off.


5 Responses to “Mino-Varghulf ~ The Terror Of Arnor?!?”

  1. Fantastic alternative for Gûlavhar I was trying to find something too with no success. nice work on the head, I actually thought that was the original head and you just added more fur. nice one.

    • Thanks mate! 😀
      I’m looking forward to getting him painted for the September Challenge…hoping that he comes out OK.

      • cool, Your Aragorn for the July(?) challenge was really impressive, absolutely loved the tone of him, looking forward to seeing how you finish this guy off, good luck.

  2. Thanks again brother! 😀

  3. […] vote for this month’s challenge and of course I’ll be working on my Terror of Arnor (modified Varghulf model). I have been tossing up the ideas of painting him black, grey, brown and even a ghostly scheme, […]

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