Painting Realistic Looking Blood

As I was painting my Angmar Orc Captain I was playing around with different looks to the blood…being that the hobbit head wasn’t freshly cut off and placed onto his helmet spike I couldn’t see using a bright red. I’ve noticed this trend when people paint zombies making them look rotten, but then the blood oozing from them has a fresh look…that just bugs the shit out of me…hehe. So I decided to make a quickie tutorial on how to achieve a realistic looking bloody effect for your model. The paints I’ll use for this tutorial will be Games Workshop’s Black Ink, Devlan Mud and Asurmen Blue…for the red I’ll be using Tamiya Clear Red. Using these paints will keep the “blood” looking wet as the Tamiya Clear Red has a high gloss effect to it.

The first example (left to right) is the Tamiya Red mixed with some Devlan Mud in a 4:1 ratio. This knocks down the extreme brightness of the red and gives a fresh, oxygenated blood effect.

The next sample is the Tamiya Red and the Asurmen Blue in about a 3:1 ratio. This will give a nice fresh bloody look to clothing and bandages, or a more dried look to weapons that haven’t been wiped clean immediately.

The third mixture is Tamiya Red with the Black Ink added. This mix is about 5:1 red to black, and will give you a look where the blood is very thick, drying or rotting (good for undead or corpses).

Hope this helps you with a more realistic look to your blood effects on your models and sorry the picture wasn’t perfect, but you can still get a pretty good idea of what the blood will look like.


2 Responses to “Painting Realistic Looking Blood”

  1. Nice tutorial, the final effect looks very realistic!

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