Angmar Barrow Wight

Finished off a converted Barrow Wight today…had one that was missing his head so I took a spare one of my Hasslefree Goblin Heads that I had laying around forever in my parts drawer as a replacement. I used a glazing technique when painting his skin where I basically painted it white then washed over it with a very diluted mix of Asurmen Blue with a heavy amount of water.

Angmar Barrow Wight


2 Responses to “Angmar Barrow Wight”

  1. Great mini and excellent painting too. I really like the way colors are matched on this one, the golden armor creates a nice contrast with dark clothes and ghostly blue face.

  2. […] wasn’t overly happy with my Barrow Wight that I converted a while back, so I reused the body and pinched the head from my broken King of the […]

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