New 30mm Knight Models Star Wars

Finally some new pieces by Knight Models for their 30mm Star Wars line…a set of 5 Stormtroopers and Boba Fett!! Time for me to start saving some money!!


21 Responses to “New 30mm Knight Models Star Wars”

  1. Finally! Jackpot!!!!

  2. very very nice!

    wonder if anyone in the UK will be stocking these…..

    • I’m not sure. There are a couple of companies that will stock them here in the States, however I have ordered from them directly and they are great to deal with (just avoid placing an order during the holidays as it will take at least a month to reach you).

      • I’ve managed to find a place in the UK that stocks them and only just down the road! I might have to do a road trip to go have a look at them!

  3. That is awesome! You’ll love this KM miniatures! 😀

  4. Hey Bots, I tried ordering from the KM site and I kept getting an error. They’ve overhauled their site, so maybe they don’t sell directly worldwide anymore. If you find you are able to still place an order directly with them, let me know. Maybe we could pool our shipment together and then you could ship it on to me. Cut ebay out of transaction ;D

  5. Be sure to announce any word that this release starts shipping. Thanks.

  6. Not sure I can announce when they will ship, but you can always check with to see if they are still in pre-order mode. 🙂

  7. As of the 27th they were being delivered in the UK. They made the torso and legs from Resin, only the head and arms are metal. I guess that is how they were able to give a break on the price. FPR is still showing them in Preorder status.

  8. FPR changed their status from Pre-order to in stock today. I’ve got to get cracking on my white armour painting technique. And all those little details on the helmet, what have I got myself into?

  9. Hehe…that’s the idea! 😀

  10. “I just got them today. I can confirm all parts are actually metal. There are no resin parts.”

    Awesome, I was hoping that they stuck with metal and not crossed over to resin. Not a huge fan of resin models…I always get sent the jacked up one. 😀

  11. Actually the first wave that went out actually was part Resin and part Metal. I’m glad FPR got stock from the second wave even if I had to wait a bit longer. On the minus side my Boba Fett came missing parts. :/

    I’ve contacted FPR but I don’t expect to hear from them until next week at the earliest because of the holiday.

    • Glad they switched everything around back to all metal…so it looks good for me to not end up with any resin bits then.

      Missing parts…yikes! 😦

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