Megatron & Laserbeak (Part I)

This model has been on my desk staring at me for some time now, so today I primed him and began some test colors.

I painted his head to near completion to get a feel for how the rest of the silver paint job should look, and so far it’s not too shabby. Still need to clean up around his eyes, add some highlights and paint the neck black, but it will at least give a start on how to proceed with the rest of the model. Next up is after he is painted is to settle on a base.


4 Responses to “Megatron & Laserbeak (Part I)”

  1. Decepticons Superior…Autobots Inferior!

    • Hehe…you got it brother! 😀
      Megatron was always my favorite Transformer. Only Autobots I ever cared for were Jazz and Bumblebee.

  2. Liking the new banner bro.

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