I’ve always found werewolves much more exciting than vampires when I was growing up, and now I’ve found a really cool one in miniature to paint from Rusted Heroes…Varu’Lfur ~ The Beast Within. This figure strongly reminds me of the werewolves in Skyrim, so the paint job was based on a cross between the photo above and the game version.



4 Responses to “Werewolf”

  1. Kobayashimaru Says:

    Nice Paint work! Cool find too, and thats a good look-alike as you say… Never really was into gothic werewolf/vampires myself though…

  2. Kobayashimaru Says:

    I was more meaning the undead/vampirecounts army of Warhammer; the figures always made me think “Tomb kings or nothing!” And so Ive only ever played Tomb Kings in warhammer, ive played a few more in 40K. Orks, SpaceMarines (many flavors), Eldar, a few Tau and Imperial Guard.
    Im imagining this as a pet/companion for a commander… could be fun as that too.
    Also, GG is pretty awesome! He even comes with a retinue of Bodyguard droids. The sabers/staffs are pretty bendy though, but the detail on these is much better than Dooku. Theyre slightly more detailed than 40K figures

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