Knight Models Boba Fett

Here is my completed Boba Fett from Knight Models. This time I stuck with the traditional color scheme (Empire Strikes Back) instead of the prototype white armor I did on my other version of him. Hell of a fun model to paint, and probably my favorite 30mm KM miniature to date!!

Boba Fett




4 Responses to “Knight Models Boba Fett”

  1. Wow very nice paint job, i’m glad you went with the traditional color scheme on this one. And the model looks great, i really like that pose. It’s better than the WotC one.

    • Thank you mate! 🙂
      You know, I think what did me in on the WotC one was the lack of detail. This guy is so incredibly detailed that it almost paints itself…hehe. I did have to fix his range finder as I accidentally snipped it off when removing it from the sprue, but the little mixture of green stuff and glue worked well and you can hardly tell I had to replace it.

  2. Wow you didn’t waste anytime getting this guy in the bag. Great looking paint job, for a great mini. I’ve been wrestling with the Stormtroopers for the last month, maybe I’ll take a break and do this colorful gent for a change.

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