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Castellan Of Dol Guldur

Posted in Lord of the Rings / Fantasy on January 29, 2012 by botwt

For this model I wanted to have a different look than the typical black shroud wrapped around silver armor, so I initially went with a brown/bronze theme. However the bronze armor looked quite out of place so I went back to the weathered silver armor. I also added glowing green eyes to make him stand further apart from an armored Ringwraith.

Castellan Of Dol Guldur


New Lord Of The Rings On Advance Order

Posted in Lord of the Rings / Fantasy, Reviews / Uncategorized / Misc. on January 28, 2012 by botwt

Games Workshop has a slew of new models and sourcebooks available on advance order for their Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game. Several look like must buys for me…I’m really liking the looks of the Dweller in the Dark model.

General Grievous’ Cape

Posted in Sci-Fi on January 26, 2012 by botwt

Just how to paint General Grievous’ cape has been something that I have been contemplating since getting this model…so today I tried my hand at a free hand pattern to the inner lining of the cape…that failed miserably. There are no pictures of that fiasco due to not wanting to embarrass myself and to offend my visitors. Instead I went with a dark red look to the inner cloak…this I’ll show off.

However, once the model is finished I will add this symbol that is on the back of his cape…so, I will actually be doing some free hand work on this model.

Blackwater Gulch Gambler Gang Leader Preview

Posted in Wild West / Historical on January 24, 2012 by botwt

Just saw the preview of the Gambler Gang Leader miniature by Gangfight Games Studio. I really like how he has multiple options for both of his hands…included will be a Bowie Knife, Hand Axe/Hatchet, Revolver, a Derringer pistol and a hand of playing cards. Think this guy is going to make it into my Western collection.

Outlaw Josey Wales

Posted in Wild West / Historical on January 21, 2012 by botwt

Been a while since I posted a western miniature, and this guy has been partially finished for some time now, so I finally decided to complete him. Here is my Outlaw Josey Wales which was a Reaper miniature from their Chronoscope range called Jeb Lawson…however I had to replace his malformed head with one from a Black Scorpion model.

Outlaw Josey Wales

Dáin Ironfoot

Posted in Lord of the Rings / Fantasy on January 16, 2012 by botwt

I was never really impressed by the official Games Workshop offering for this character because of how they took the lazy way out by simply modifying the Balin sculpt. What I did for this model was to take my Heroes of the West Gimli and remove the upper part of the helmet, sculpted a bunch hair, adding bits of green stuff to his outer robes similar to that of the official model, and reworked the axe to give it a unique look.

The color scheme was derived from the newer look that Games Workshop gave their model in the Khazad-dûm Sourcebook…while it doesn’t completely mesh with the dark scheme I have going presently with the rest of my Dwarven models, I thought with him being a hero it really shouldn’t matter too much. For his axe, Barazantathûl, I did something similar like what I did with Balin’s axe…this time it is supposed to be made of Mithri, so I painted it in varied silver tones with gold accents.

Dáin Ironfoot 

Mithril Miniatures Special Limited Edition Witch-king Of Angmar

Posted in Lord of the Rings / Fantasy on January 15, 2012 by botwt

Had this guy in my collection for a while and figured that this model will serve perfectly as my Witch-king for my Angmar army leaving my Games Workshop version of him exclusively for my Mordor army. He was painted in a series of blacks and greys with just a touch of silver to his armor, while I painted his sword (Morgul blade?) in a sickly metallic green.

Witch-king of Angmar