The One Ring January Painting Challenge: Gimli (Balin) ~ Completed

I kept his colors very muted in order to keep with the rest of my Dwarven color scheme, but still wanted the red cloak that Balin wore in The Hobbit. So the reds were mixed with browns and the shading done with a watered down Scorched Brown, giving it a color that was designed to match up better with the rest of the color palette used on this model. His outer robe was done in a series of darkened browns and the clothing under his scale armor was done in a lighter brown, while his gloves and boots were done in blacks with silver accents. I wanted to pay homage to my friend Mark Farr’s Balin miniature that he did a few years back, so I tried to keep the colors very similar to his. Finally I finished my Balin model off by attaching him to his resin base and added some snow flock.



4 Responses to “The One Ring January Painting Challenge: Gimli (Balin) ~ Completed”

  1. Nice paintjob, I really like the base

  2. Kobayashimaru Says:

    Really taken by the paintwork and detail on this; I hope there is a scene like this in the upcoming Hobbit trilogy.

    I think the resin base is quite a nice touch

    • Thanks mate! 😀
      There are a few spots on this model where the cast was poor, but all in all he was great fun to paint up…now onto Grievous.

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