Dáin Ironfoot

I was never really impressed by the official Games Workshop offering for this character because of how they took the lazy way out by simply modifying the Balin sculpt. What I did for this model was to take my Heroes of the West Gimli and remove the upper part of the helmet, sculpted a bunch hair, adding bits of green stuff to his outer robes similar to that of the official model, and reworked the axe to give it a unique look.

The color scheme was derived from the newer look that Games Workshop gave their model in the Khazad-dûm Sourcebook…while it doesn’t completely mesh with the dark scheme I have going presently with the rest of my Dwarven models, I thought with him being a hero it really shouldn’t matter too much. For his axe, Barazantathûl, I did something similar like what I did with Balin’s axe…this time it is supposed to be made of Mithri, so I painted it in varied silver tones with gold accents.

Dáin Ironfoot 


2 Responses to “Dáin Ironfoot”

  1. Great conversion mate, at first I thought it’s a new mini from the LotR range!

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