General Grievous’ Cape

Just how to paint General Grievous’ cape has been something that I have been contemplating since getting this model…so today I tried my hand at a free hand pattern to the inner lining of the cape…that failed miserably. There are no pictures of that fiasco due to not wanting to embarrass myself and to offend my visitors. Instead I went with a dark red look to the inner cloak…this I’ll show off.

However, once the model is finished I will add this symbol that is on the back of his cape…so, I will actually be doing some free hand work on this model.


4 Responses to “General Grievous’ Cape”

  1. That looks great Bots. Even better than what you were trying for imho. I’m still struggling with that damn speeder. Thank you so much for turning me on to liquid green stuff, if I didn’t get a jar of that in my stocking, I’m sure I would have melted that model down with a blowtorch by now. LOL. I’m at step 14/16 in the assembly, should be all easy now. :/

  2. Hey David , Is it the freehand criss cross pattern you were going for ? if so pm me on the one ringI I have an idea that might work.

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