The One Ring February Painting Challenge: Sauron

Well, being that I don’t have a Sauron model to paint this month and there isn’t an alternative model as in months past, I decided to paint my Khamûl miniature. With my Nazgûl, I chose to have only Khamûl and the Witch-king as my only armored wraiths in my armies, and I was not a fan of the multicolored robes that Games Workshop gave their model, so I went with an all black robed Khamûl.



2 Responses to “The One Ring February Painting Challenge: Sauron”

  1. Looks great – I too have all my named ringwraiths in just black as I agree the multicoloured look does nothing for me either

    • Thanks mate!
      I don’t even entertain the other named wraiths in my armies as I just think that they are so much cooler as anonymous hooded ghosties. 😀

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