Knight Models New 30mm Emperor’s Royal Guards

A new two pack of 30mm Star Wars miniatures has been released from Knight Models…this time we get treated to the Emperor’s Royal Guards which look fantastic! With a bit of a modification you might even be able to use them as Senate Guards.


10 Responses to “Knight Models New 30mm Emperor’s Royal Guards”

  1. Kobayashimaru Says:

    Thats great news! They look stunning!
    Im in the process of switching over most of my Republic and Separatists to the new Knight Models; im saving for the transition as we ‘speak’.

    I can definitely see these being Senate Guards or Ceremonial Armor Jedi…

    Im waiting to see how Grevious turns out though, and great work on those Ring Wraiths. Tonal variation is great, and preserves much of the detail, without the ‘patchwork’ that a certain GW wants us to paint them in…

    • Thanks, glad you like the Wraiths! 🙂

      I’m hoping for more progress on Grievous by next weekend…I’m just stalled on that damned cape. 🙂

      I still have to pick up a pack of Super Battle Droids to go with him, but I’ll wait till FRP Games show them available…still showing “PreOrder (Est. February, 2012)”.

  2. Palps is definitely a lock for this year now. 😀

  3. It would probably depend on if he is Clone Wars Sidious or OT Sidious…right now, my bet would be OT Sidious seeing how we have a Darth Vader and his Royal Guardsmen.

  4. Yes let us hope saner minds prevail.

  5. Finally got these guys today too. Very simple models by comparison to the Troopers. Completely assembled except for the arms. I think I’m going to give these guys guns instead of the Force Pikes they came with.

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