The One Ring April Painting Challenge: Legolas ~ The Failure

Well this month’s challenge has been a dismal failure. No progress, not even cleaned up and assembled. I think it was the idea of painting an elf that just did me in…I just couldn’t motivate myself.  Wow, what a miserable slacker…hehe.

I do plan on getting back to my Knight Models General Grievous as my next model and also hammering out a model for the One Ring May Challenge.


4 Responses to “The One Ring April Painting Challenge: Legolas ~ The Failure”

  1. Kobayashimaru Says:

    Bah its not a failure there botwt… its a success-in-waiting! =)
    You have been churning out loads of high quality minis, im sure a little hiadus will bring some new energy into your work.
    Have you ever checked out Kingdom Death miniatures? Might want to google them, as they are some bizarre plastics in scale with SWMs…
    We were RPGing at my local, and down pops a grotesque ‘thing’ I think it was the Greater Demon of Nurgle one… from Kingdom Death and I felt so physically ill, i had to leave the room. It was painted that well!
    All the best, and I cant wait to see when you next tackle SWMs

    • Just checked out those Kingdom Death Miniatures…really liked that Lion Knight! Too bad he was sold out, but it was an incredible sculpt!

      I’ve got Grievous in my vice grips and am presently working on his armor. Giving the model a Bleached Bone color then will darken it for depth. Hoping to have him completed in the next two weeks. 🙂

  2. Kobayashimaru Says:

    Grievous will come out looking like a ‘EavyMetal mini when you’re done!
    I made a new Asajj Ventress mini out of a kingdom death reprint mini – i think it cost me about $5-6USD (including postage). So it was a little steep but hopefully worth it.
    Theyre releasing a new wave soon, and apparently want to incorporate more print on demand services… which is music to my ears! = )

    • ‘EavyMetal…I’m not that good. 🙂

      I’d love to see a picture of your Ventress…she has become one of my favorite characters on the show!

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