New 30mm Sandtroopers from Knight Models

Knight Models has released some new 30mm Star Wars models…this time it is a 5 pack of Sandtroopers! These guys look amazing!!


11 Responses to “New 30mm Sandtroopers from Knight Models”

  1. I agree these guys look like they would be fun to paint.

  2. I wish KM would speed up their release schedule already. We’re not going to see another Original Trilogy release until at least August. Any idea when their license is up? I though it was only two years, they must have extended it by now. There is just so much I want them to do with this line, I hope they keep making them for many years to come.

    • I don’t know when their license expires, but I cannot see them letting that line of models go…it is one of their best sellers.

      I too hope for speeder releases, but in all honesty I would rather they take their time and make a stellar model over a hastily made one…and so far their stuff has been really great (except for the scale issues with Chewie).

  3. Kobayashimaru Says:

    To paraphrase the Godfather;
    Just after i stop collecting the Imperial faction, it pulls me back in! lol
    But yeah, these new imperial Knight Models are awesome.
    Sucks that both the Euro and Spain are going so expensive though, its almost cheaper to make the trip out there and pick up your order yourself haha

  4. Kobayashimaru Says:

    oh yeah, theres that batman too.
    You’ll have to do a review when you get it: im interested in it for my DC cliks, but dont want to spend the bucks if its not as good as say, the DC Origins batman or the Target exclusive ($3 online)

  5. I just received my Sandtroopers from an online vendor I found in Italy that had them. Backpacks are sparsely detailed but decent enough. I bought two packs, one was correct, but the other one was mispacked. Missing two of the M-34 arms, of course the alternate poses, not the one repeated from the Stormtrooper pack. They doubled up on the Lewis guns so all the models can be made. They also threw in an extra nine left arms. 9! LOL. Really looking forward to putting these guys together.

  6. Maybe they’ve been down for a while, but I just noticed all Star Wars images have been removed from the old KM website.

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