The One Ring July Painting Challenge: Frodo

For this challenge I am going to try to capture the color scheme of both Frodo and Samwise from The Two Towers film. This color palette will allow me to be a bit more forgiving with the crispness to the paint job as both characters are going to be a bit dirty. Hopefully I can pull off two models in one month…hehe.


4 Responses to “The One Ring July Painting Challenge: Frodo”

  1. Good luck with this one, I know you’ve been waiting to paint a hobbit for the painting challenge for quite some time……….

    • Hehe, I was worried after the vote was going toward Eowyn again that I’d never get my chance to paint one for the challenge, but then it just exploded in favor of Frodo.

      From the time I posted this I have already undercoated these guys and started on the flesh tones…

  2. I look forward to seeing how they turn out. I wish I had time to enter this one too – I’m stuck in the middle of Mordor for the next few weeks or so : (

    • Feels like I’m stuck in the middle of Mordor presently…it’s 94 degrees out there today!! 😀

      Looking forward to seeing how your Mordor turn out!

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