New 70mm Models From Knight Models

Here are three of the new Knight Models 70mm miniatures available…they also have a new Hulk available as well!


6 Responses to “New 70mm Models From Knight Models”

  1. Oh poop, the Star Wars lines have been killed. I guess that license is more trouble than it is worth.

  2. Ugh, was afraid of that. 😦

    • kobayashimaru Says:

      Dang it!
      Ah well… we’ve got loads of stuff at the moment… (feels a little like the H-man’s Xbox being banned from XBox Live haha)
      And there’ll always be hasslefree and indie sci fi places which will make pewter likenesses of things haha.

      But yeah, apparently the license is obscene, and can be redefined at any time and/or terminated at anytime without notice, code for “we’ll make decisions based on the best bottom-line business interests”.

      I think that the powers-that-be would be foolish not to try and compete with GW’s marketshare though for tabletop boardgamery… and comeon, like its star wars. Sells itself to nerds everywhere. Just keep quality on par with the bar Knight Models has set, or raise the quality a bit. Make prices a similar margin to the WotC minis and BOOM, it’d do okay.

      The sociable aspect of the Star Wars community (dare I say of communities in general) should be played up… but I digress, hopefully something somewhere starts pumping out more 1:48/1:52 scale star wars modelry haha

      • Someone, somewhere will pick it up…just a matter of time before a company will drop the dough on the license.

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