Angmar Spectres

Decided to work up three more Spectre conversions for my Angmar army. Used a ruined Meriadoc Brandybuck, a savaged Halbarad and a messed up King of Men that were laying in the bottom of my bits drawer as the bases to these miniatures. Merry had no arms, the Halbarad model was armless and headless and the King’s left arm was mangled, also no head. I worked around those missing/damaged parts to look like they were amputees on the hobbit and king; Halbarad however was treated to the head and arms of a Mantic ghoul miniature. For the hobbit’s head I used a plastic orc head and sculpted hair onto it; the King of Men became an elf with a spare Celeborn head.

Angmar Spectres 


9 Responses to “Angmar Spectres”

  1. David – Your far too good that this !!!

  2. *at this even (darn!! lol)

  3. That hobbit spectre is just too grim! Great stuff!

  4. LOL, and that possessed Bilbo was nightmarish!! 😀

  5. kobayashimaru Says:

    Nice squad here! Really diggin the texture on their skin

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