Angmar Barrow Wight (Redux)

I wasn’t overly happy with my Barrow Wight that I converted a while back, so I reused the body and pinched the head from my broken King of the Dead to make this model.

Angmar Barrow Wight


2 Responses to “Angmar Barrow Wight (Redux)”

  1. kobayashimaru Says:

    Whoa!?! This is in a word, and I know its a gross oversimplification…
    The detail is on a whole other level on this mate!

    Awesome thinking with the parts (headswap was a good call) and suiting it to the pose. Im curious though, did you have to strip the model first or is there an inch of paint hiding somewhere under this detail coat? If you didnt need to strip it, Ive got a few LotR minis I may need to give this sort of treatment to… =)

    • Thanks so much!! 😀

      Once the heads were off each of the models there was bare metal on the underside of the head and at the neck joint…I then put super glue (Gorilla brand) on the underside of the head and on the neck stump, I then sandwiched a tiny piece of green stuff to get the whole mess to stick together (so bare metal, glue, green stuff, glue, bare metal). Once it is dry you can safely trim and green stuff that squeezed out during the process. It gives the joint a much stronger bond than metal glued on metal.

      I’d love to see what conversions you come up with! It’s probably the one aspect of the hobby I love the most. 😀

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