White Warg Chieftain

I took the warg from the new mounted Gothmog miniature, removed the reins and collar from the model and sculpted new bits of fur over the top of where they were. I have the original chieftain model and with this unique pose it will add another level of diversity to the warg contingent of my Angmar army.

The color scheme was simple, just a series of greys, khakis and a little white to break up the muted palette. Basing him was a different challenge…I didn’t want the warg to be stepping on the dead bodies that the original model came with, so I had to find a suitable rock from my garden to rest his raised back leg on. I hid the joint where his foot met the rock with some snow flock and that completed the look.

White Warg Chieftain


2 Responses to “White Warg Chieftain”

  1. Mythzerous Says:

    Found your blog the other day, and have been extremely impressed with your work. It actually made me decide to get back into painting and designing terrain.:)

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