Angmar Duskwraith

I picked up the Vampire Counts Cairn Wraith to use as another evil unit in my Angmar army…a Duskwraith. I was going to swap out the scythe for a mace to better fit the rules for the character that were published a while back in White Dwarf; which at this point in time, are nothing more than glorified house rules as Games Workshop has rewritten the Angmar armies in their new book, The Lord of the Rings: Moria & Angmar. Instead I opted to stick with the scythe as it would have looked a bit wonky trying to have him hold a mace with both hands.

As it shows in the photo of the rules above, the model is mounted on a 25mm round base, so I went with that size base to keep things as close to legit as possible. As for the color scheme I decided to go with a very pale blue wet blending up to a nearly pure white on the edges. His eyes were painted black to give them an empty and foreboding feeling. I initially wanted to give them a glow effect, but figured that with the ethereal look to the paint job they would get lost in the grand scheme of things.



2 Responses to “Angmar Duskwraith”

  1. Mythzerous Says:

    Love the paint job! I also enjoy the fact that you did not add a glow effect to the eyes. I think it adds a hollowness and emptiness to this mini that makes it more ominous.

    • Thanks brother! I’m happy you like him…was a fun model to paint and a new way of painting for me (lots of wet blending). 😀

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