Three Giant Spider Bases

I have been working on three eBob Giant Spiders and needed to make sure my bases were completed before I even thought about gluing the spider down. I also wanted to make each of the bases unique like the three different sculpts the spiders come in…so one has a large rock, another with a fallen tree and the last with a dead body (also sculpted by eBob…no better base to use it on than an eBob spider’s base).

The coloring was done similar to my other evil based models…dark brown earth with bleached/dead grass. Even the dead body I wanted to be done in a muted color palette as to not detract from the sculpt of the spider.

40mm Giant Spider Bases


6 Responses to “Three Giant Spider Bases”

  1. Mythzerous Says:

    You should add some webbing on the log and the body. I found a really cool web effect here. When I was considering painting some spiders for a game I am running.

    • Mythzerous Says:

      Just realized how delicate those webs are.:( Bases look good regardless.

      • Thanks for the idea on the webbing! That stuff does look amazing, but wouldn’t stand up to gaming…might have to consider some spun cotton or something. 😀

  2. Mythzerous Says:

    By the way, I started to paint and put a blog to keep track of my progress. It is Mythzerous”s Mini Blog if you are willing to through me some ideas and suggestions on some of the stuff I am working on.

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