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Blackwater Gulch Gambler Gang Leader Preview

Posted in Wild West / Historical on January 24, 2012 by botwt

Just saw the preview of the Gambler Gang Leader miniature by Gangfight Games Studio. I really like how he has multiple options for both of his hands…included will be a Bowie Knife, Hand Axe/Hatchet, Revolver, a Derringer pistol and a hand of playing cards. Think this guy is going to make it into my Western collection.


Outlaw Josey Wales

Posted in Wild West / Historical on January 21, 2012 by botwt

Been a while since I posted a western miniature, and this guy has been partially finished for some time now, so I finally decided to complete him. Here is my Outlaw Josey Wales which was a Reaper miniature from their Chronoscope range called Jeb Lawson…however I had to replace his malformed head with one from a Black Scorpion model.

Outlaw Josey Wales

Wild West Horse

Posted in Wild West / Historical on August 15, 2011 by botwt

Been a while since I worked on an Old West model and after talking about painting horses with a buddy of mine I decided to paint up one of my stand alone horses. It came from the  Black Scorpion Tombstone range of miniatures, however it looks like the 4 pack of unmounted horses are no longer available…which is a real bummer. What I did notice is that they are offering two different packs of civilians, which I desperately need running £8 per pack.

Civilians 1

Civilians 2

Well, I know where the next chunk of disposable income is going. Hehe

Anyway, onto my horse…I decided to give him a different treatment compared the typical browns or blacks or tans, so I went with the grey spotted look of a grey dapple Arabian. Initially I was going to go ape shit on the white spots, but held off and only gave him a few…looks a little less cluttered for a tiny model in my opinion. Also gave him one black sock for giggles.

Grey Dapple Arabian

Perdition’s Gulch Gets Some True Grit

Posted in Wild West / Historical on January 16, 2011 by botwt

After seeing the amazing remake of True Grit with Jeff Bridges I knew I wanted to add a sheriff to my town that resembled ‘ole Rooster. I already own one of Black Scorpion’s sheriff models that with a bit of green stuff I can get to look the part.

All I added was a bit of green stuff to his chin and cheeks, lengthened the hair under his hat, and a simple tiny ball of the stuff over his right eye for his patch.

I tried to emulate the same color palate from the film, I still may want to get a 28mm whiskey bottle to lay at his feet, but here is the finished result for now.

Rooster Cogburn

Aragorn Goes West?

Posted in Wild West / Historical on January 2, 2011 by botwt

Having two of this pose of the Black Scorpion Tombstone miniature I thought I’d do a little something to make him unique; and having this extra Aragorn head in my parts drawer it filled the bill.

As I was painting this model I noticed the resemblance to Josh Holloway of Lost so decided to make him blonde instead of the dark hair I was going with like Aragorn…maybe I should re-title this post, “Sawyer Goes West“. LOL

My MS was messing with my hands today, but still managed to get model #2 of 2011 completed!

No Pardon For Billy The Kid

Posted in Wild West / Historical on December 31, 2010 by botwt

(CNN) — Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico will not pardon legendary Wild West outlaw Billy the Kid in the death of a law enforcement officer more than a century ago, he said Friday.

C’mon…he was promised a pardon by Wallace for murder of Sheriff Brady that happened during the Lincoln County War, he should have gotten the pardon. All the whiny people out there in NM complaining that he doesn’t deserve it because he killed others as well…he’s not getting a pass for the other murders, just the one during the LCW.

Sorry Billy, looks like another Governor stuck it to you. 😦

One More Gunslinger

Posted in Wild West / Historical on November 20, 2010 by botwt

Here is another one of Black Scorpion’s great Tombstone miniatures. I just wish that they would start making more of these historical pieces and less of the Fantasy Football stuff…hey, you can’t be expected to love everything a company makes.

One thing you won’t be seeing in my Old West Town are aliens. The upcoming movie based on the graphic novel with Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford looks like it should be alot of fun, but I’d prefer to keep my aliens separate in gaming terms.

Not my very best work, but he is more for gaming than display.