The One Ring September Painting Challenge: Warbands (Completed)

Finally I have all of my orcs done for the Warbands challenge. Between working on these guys, painting my friend’s birthday gift, creating a few Lord of the Rings conversions (will paint them up soon) and working on a Star Wars commission project I have been a hobby-madman this month!

One thing I hate to do is batch painting, so what I did was to make each orc a unique looking fellow (barring the two plastic orcs). Tried to give each one a wee bit of different coloring to his skin, different color schemes for their cloth and even added a bit of humor to three of the orcs…I call these guys ‘the rooster’ and his two ‘hens’.

Angmar/Mordor Orc Warband

2 Responses to “The One Ring September Painting Challenge: Warbands (Completed)”

  1. kobayashimaru Says:

    Haven’t seen you posting in ages: I hope you’re alright…
    It’d be cool to see any pepakura or papercraft you’ve made or custom starwars minis…

    I can understand if you’ve been busy realworld, or had to move on to other things (the game is OOP after all hehe).
    I’ve had to move on from SWMs and sell a few (it hurts selling the fun memories from trades and good times),
    and try to get a career going — which really means getting 2 or 3 jobs and try to start something better along the way…

    Oddly, I’m into collecting books and crystals these days – minerals of all sorts, but crystals mainly.
    I’ve been making custom terrain for local wargamers: terrarium/playsets for W40K players — ants are the ‘realworld’ tyranids.
    And custom digital watches for the local markets

    Anywho, hope you’re well,
    and happy holidays.

  2. Kobayashimaru Says:

    For those web travellers who stop by here,
    you should know that Botwt is sadly no-longer with us.
    Ave, Botwt!

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