Giant Spiders By eBob

First off let me tell you straight up, I hate spiders…they scare the shit out of me! Now with that in mind, when I saw the Games Workshop Giant Spiders they never gave me an iota of dread…not even a momentary shiver; then I saw the Giant Spiders from eBob Miniatures, and these things creeped me the hell out. After having these pieces in my collection for well over two years now I have finally gotten the balls to paint these things up.


In the photos shown above you can see that the legs and the bottom of the carapace are the same for each spider, however there are three different body types that I displayed alongside to show you the variants in selection. Assembly is demanding of your patience and steadiness of your hands…these took me about two hours just to assemble the spiders due to my MS…I’m sure you guys probably won’t have the issues I had. Here is a link to the assembly instructions.

Once I was sure the glue was completely dry I re-positioned them in three different poses to suit the bases they were placed on. I put them onto normal Games Workshop 40mm round cavalry bases, however they do come with a low profile 40mm base that doesn’t quite match up height wise with the GW bases and that little difference in height wasn’t something that I could live with…hehe.  For the color scheme I painted them in varying shades of blacks, browns (added a little green to one) and greys. The eyes were done with a high gloss black ink.

Giant Spiders

2 Responses to “Giant Spiders By eBob”

  1. Mythzerous Says:

    I have to agree with you. I have looked and looked for some good spider minis, but eBob’s are the best. I have arachnophobia as well, and creepy is what I base a good spider mini on. Yours turned out pretty creepy. I think my favorite out of the three has to be the one with the body. l love the paint job of the abdomen and the head.

    • Thanks mate, I’m glad you like them! 😀

      I have to agree…creepy trumps everything, and eBob nailed these guys!

      Looking at the unpainted models I was more impressed by the one I put on the log base, but in the end I found myself liking the one with the green on him the best…funny how a paint job can really sway your opinion of a sculpt.

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